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About MdDS.BDF

The mission of the MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation is to promote education and research on Mal de Debarquement Syndrome. We are dedicated to finding a cause and a cure for MdDS.

1 Thing You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Help Beat MdDS

“If something’s confusing, just ask for help.” That’s the rule in my house. It’s an aide for surviving MdDS. The only problem is, if your brain is foggy then you probably don’t realize you’re confused. That’s how it came to be … Continue reading

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The Foundation Educates Doctors

The Foundation uses two simple yet effective tools to advocate for you, on your behalf. Upon your request Board President, Marilyn Josselyn, herself will mail out a letter to your doctor that introduces them to MdDS. This one page letter … Continue reading

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Trampoline Days, a poem by Lois.

Lois’ case involves experiencing 24/7 music in her brain. Not tinnitus, she “hears” regular musical notes. This is her poem. Continue reading

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