Guidelines for Submitting Your “Faces of MdDS” Story

MdDS is an invisible illness but that doesn’t mean you are. Tell us your story for publication on this blog and on the Foundation web site at The following guidelines are designed to help you write your story.

Include only information that you feel would be helpful to professionals or others living with the disorder. For example:

  • Briefly describe the precipitating event(s) for your Mal de Débarquement.
    • Try to be brief so those with visual sensitivity don’t have to scroll too much.
  • Include the length and conditions of the motion experience or the circumstances surrounding a spontaneous onset such as recent childbirth, history of migraines, etc.
  • Explain how you received a diagnosis or lack thereof.
  • Describe treatments that you have tried and how they affected you. Please note that medication dosages will be redacted so the information cannot be misconstrued as medical advice.
  • Describe how MdDS affects your life including your family life, employment, and activities.
  • Include an appropriate picture.

Send a document or include the narrative in an e-mail to A Board Member will reply to you before it is published.